Lists are my favourite, and a recent thread on my favourite gaming forum at Cane and Rinse inspired a new one that I’m sharing below for no other reason than I want to record it somewhere. And it’s a good checklist for important stuff I haven’t covered here yet! Join in for fun if you like though!

This is your favourite games by system. Mine is based mostly on what I owned but also what I played just as much of at the time – brother’s / best mate’s / son’s / etc. Roughly in the order owned. And exclusives where it works or where they even existed…

  • Interstate 1160 – Hockey / Football (genuinely what it was called!)
  • Atari 2600 – Seaquest
  • Game & Watch – Snoopy Tennis (more here)
  • Handheld – Grandstand Mini Munchman
  • VIC-20 – The Perils of Willy (more here)
  • BBC – Elite
  • Spectrum +2 – Feud (favourite game on any system ever)
  • C64 – Winter Games
  • Amstrad CPC – Chuckie Egg (yeah, I know, Spectrum one better)
  • Atari ST – Kick Off
  • Mega Drive – Virtua Racer
  • Game Boy – Tetris
  • Atari Lynx – California Games (more here)
  • Game Gear – G-LOC
  • PlayStation – Destruction Derby 2 (sorry, Symphony of the Night!)
  • Game Boy Colour – Pokemon Gold (more here)
  • PlayStation 2 – SSX 3
  • Game Boy Advance – V-Rally 3 (more here)
  • GameCube – Wave Race
  • PSP – Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  • PlayStation 3 – Batman Arkham Asylum
  • Wii – The House of the Dead: Overkill
  • PlayStation 4 – Destiny
  • iOS – Alto’s Adventure
  • 3DS – Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Xbox One – Demon’s Tilt (almost by default as I’ve not played much else but love this)
  • Switch – Gris

And stuff I didn’t have access to at the time but have played a lot of more recently…

  • Master System – Road Rash
  • NES – Mega Man 2
  • SNES – Super Mario World
  • PC Engine – Devil’s Crush

I’m throwing in the Shaolin’s Road arcade machine too as I probably spent enough on that to own it!

And there we go. As always, thanks for indulging me!

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