Bit of an experiment here! The idea is a roundup of the handful of games that are likely to interest the retro enthusiast that I’m aware of to a greater or lesser degree for the upcoming month. It’s a shame I only thought of it three days into this one, but anyway, at the very least I hope you enjoy a few trailers and snippets of info where I have them…

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition

See, first game, one I was actually asked to give a shoutout to, and I’ve already missed its launch! But the good news is that means it’s out already on all consoles, so if you fancy a lovely looking paper-craft platform adventure with some giant bosses and a cool soundtrack then you’re in luck!


It’s a retro pixel art vertical shooter with some modern mechanics and an intense demonic vibe, and it’s out on the 6th on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

Outbreak: Contagious Memories

Okay, there’s a strong chance this is going to be terrible, but any nineties-infused self-proclaimed homage to Resident Evil and Silent Hill deserves a raised eyebrow until that’s confirmed! Also out on 6th April on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and Steam.

House of the Dead Remake

I don’t really care about Outbreak being terrible, but with a £35 physical pre-order on the line I do care about this remade version of the classic 1997 arcade rail-shooter being decent! It’s definitely out on Switch and I don’t think it’s out on anything else on the 7th.

Taito Milestones

Ten games from Taito from the eighties, and a curious list when you think about their legacy and the word “milestones” but anyway, it’s out on Switch on the 15th, it’s by the Arcade Archives people, it’s got Elevator Action, my number eleven game of all time on it, and I’ve already got a copy so you’ll get a review right here just before that date!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Lots of good stuff on the Switch this month, though I’m always a bit worried when motion controls are front and centre of anything, especially when it did fine without them first time around! Anyway, this was a great Star Wars game about fifteen years ago and it’s back again on the 20th.

Now I’ve got an idea what I’m doing with this I’ll try and make a bit more of an effort next time to be on time and also include some homebrew stuff too… Like Tutankham Returns (yes, spellchecker, it’s written like that!) on Commodore 64 that also appeared on the 1st of the month, is available right here and you should definitely check it out! In the meantime, I hope you’ve found something of interest here, and if there’s anything I missed or anything coming next month that I should include please let me know!