Time for our regular feature with quick-fire reviews and impressions of what’s been on the go this week, old and new and a bit of both…

After dabbling with dozens on games on my new Evercade VS, I decided to settle down with Dizzy The Adventurer on The Oliver Twins Collection. This was the sixth game in the series, an enhanced version of Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk and one of a handful of “Compact Cartridges” to be released for Codemasters’ ill-fated Aladdin Deck Enhancer, a proper NES cartridge-shaped unit that bypassed Nintendo”s licensing hardware to make for cheaper games. Anyway, I’d never played a Dizzy outside of the Spectrum and this seemed alright at first glance, and after completing it I can confirm really was! It’s logical, not massive (good for all the back and forth in these games) and is a very nice looking take on an old favourite!

A couple more standouts from that same collection… It’s got BMX Simulator on it! I hadn’t realised the NES version of my dear old Spectrum favourite was included here until I fired it up, and while it is a little bit too finicky to control (or, more specifically, regain control of after a mishap), it’s still as addictive as hell and it’s a lovely paint job and what a nice surprise! Go! Dizzy! Go! was too – more NES, more Dizzy, but this time a block pushing, fruit collecting maze ‘em up that’s also very addictive and loads of fun. And returning to the Atari Lynx Collections, I beat Gates of Zendocon, the walking simulator of horizontal shooters (at least until the comparatively cruel final boss), but sometimes that’s alright!

Back when we were perusing other 2000A.D. games during our deep dive into Rogue Trooper on the ZX Spectrum, I promised to pick up Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death on PlayStation 2 and have a look at that, and I finally did and it finally arrived! We will come back to it in more detail, but first impressions are that it’s a bit of a poor-man’s TimeSplitters 2, but what else isn’t? It’s mindless, simplistic FPS Judge Dredd and it’s all good to me!

I picked up classy sideways bullet-hell shooter Sine Mora EX for 99p in the Switch Christmas sale and have played a few stages of the story mode and a bit of arcade. Realistically it’s going to get too hard for me before much longer, especially on these Joy-Cons, but until then it’s a stunner, and the time-bending mechanic gives me half a chance against these mad bullet-shaped death patterns!

Finally, I played a bunch of Konami’s Aliens arcade game from 1990. Its side-scrolling sci-fi slaughter at its finest, with the most incredible garish colour palette this side of Everyone’s a Wally on the ZX Spectrum! The head-on rail shooting sections add variety, though despite a fair bit of practice I’m still not getting far enough to be demanding much variety! Hard as nails but loads of fun and a real visual treat. Speaking of which, a quick preview of what’s coming here next week, when we’ll be looking at Angels, the impressive new Spectrum brawler and shooter from Zosya Entertainment, as well as the wonderful Game Boy: The Box Art Collection book from the masters of their own retro gaming art, Bitmap Books. See you then!