Here’s a treat, and one I actually got to hear about first again – getting good at this news stuff, although still a bit of work to do on passing it on first too! Anyway, this is cool because it’s one of my favourite Mega Drive shooters, Gynoug, also better known here as Wings of Wor, and it’s coming to new-fangled consoles next week!

The set-up’s a corker so you can have it in full… The planet has been decimated by a virus that has transformed and mutated into a breed of some of the most fearsome creatures ever! They are the Mutants of Iccus, led by the terrible Destroyer. Many have taken on the mutants before you… and many have failed. Now it’s your turn. From the deepest caverns of Iccus to the belly of the beast itself, you must fly and fight for the life of your planet! It won’t be easy… but then the best battles never are! Destroy the Destroyer and Iccus will be saved, its skies free once again. But fail and your wings will be clipped… forever!

Mecha boss battle

There’s six mythical subterranean levels of fast-reaction annihilation, with a serious power-up system and a ton of upgrades if you keep your eyes peeled amid the mass of destruction. The bosses and mini-bosses are fantastic, as are some of the psychedelic screen effects that regularly get pulled off – usually just as a mass of weird ghouls suddenly accelerate at you – to enhance the on-screen chaos! Cool dynamic fantasy soundtrack too, as well as a load of modern conveniences like shaders, rewind, save states and so on.

Ratalaika Games did a great job with another old Mega Drive shooter, Gleylancer, a few weeks ago, so I’m hoping for more of the same when Gynoug arrives on Xbox, PS4 and Switch on 12th November, when it will be priced at £5.99, €5.99 or $6.99. And like Gleylancer, you can come back here for a full review of Gynoug when it does arrive!