I don’t often get a scoop, but here’s one for you! As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of cute witchy shooter Cotton, even though it took me the best part of its 30 years of existence to actually get a proper copy on Sega Astro City Mini, but then just mere weeks later, there was more with Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton Reboot. And now, to celebrate that 30 years, there’s even more of our favourite young witch Nata de Cotton and her bikini-clad fairy friends on the way from Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games, with Cotton 100%, Panorama Cotton and Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute all coming later this year.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute comes with Cotton 2 and Cotton Boomerang, as well as the retro shoot ‘em up Guardian Force, seemingly for a bit more spice on top of the magical adventures of the iconic “cute ‘em up” heroine, though I’ve always been more than satisfied with what I’ve got so far! Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute will be available at Strictly Limited Games as a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition.

Cotton 100%

Cotton 100% gives new Cotton players a great head-start into the franchise. The game was originally released in 1994 on the Super Famicom then later on the original PlayStation. Arriving with a bright, colorful palette, it’s lower difficulty makes it ideal for series or genre newcomers. Cotton 100% will be available for digital store download from ININ Games and as a Limited and Collector’s Edition at Strictly Limited Games.

Panorama Cotton

Panorama Cotton, originally published in 1994, introduces a fresh, new gameplay design into the Cotton franchise. The “pseudo 3D” shoot ‘em up was considered a technical prodigy when it was released on the Mega Drive. After the queen emerges from the castle in a hurry to save the world from falling into chaos, Cotton and Silk are setting off on a whole new adventure. Panorama Cotton will be available for digital download from ININ Games, and also from Strictly Limited Games as Limited and Collector’s Edition.

Now all I need is for all of those special editions to get properly detailed so this pair can take all my money. Again! We’ll keep an eye out for preorders at www.strictlylimitedgames.com and/or www.iningames.com in the very near future, and I’ll definitely be reporting back when I start getting my mitts on them!